Writing Great Funeral Speeches

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Funerals are among the saddest times of our lives. Having lost a loved one, we are still experiencing grief. However, we still have to garner all the strength we can and pay tribute to the deceased. Gathering the strength to stand in front of people to honor the departed cannot be easy, let alone writing the eulogy. A eulogy cannot be said to have any right or wrong way of writing. All you need to know are the steps to follow to make the funeral speech writing easy.

Tips on Writing Funeral Speeches

Deciding on the Tone of your Funeral Speech
No eulogy tone is inappropriate. Most people will opt to go with a serious tone. Others will be courageous enough to add some humor to the funeral speech. You can use humor cautiously to relay the life of the deceased. The tone is mostly determined by the circumstances leading to the death of the departed. If the death was gruesome, humor may not be appreciated.

The Audience
In writing a funeral speech, consider who your audience will be. Maintain honesty but concentrate on the positives of the deceased. Also, have in mind that the deceased family and relatives will be present and you should not offend them by highlighting the deceased’s negatives.

Make a point of introducing yourself in the eulogy. You can state how you and the person are related and if you are not related, you can give a brief statement of how you met. It is courteous to let the people who don’t know you get acquainted.

In writing funeral speeches, ensure that they are as short as possible. Make sure that your message is relayed within a few minutes.

Content Focus
Funerals are a celebration of life. Therefore, rather than concentration on details surrounding the death of the person, talk more about his life and how he impacted others. Gather all the good memories about the deceased. Lighten the hearts of the people by making them remember all the good and happy moments they shared with the deceased.

I found great examples of eulogies by doing a simple research over the internet. I had personally used one of their outlines and I assure you that it’s really impressive! They captivate the audience’s hearts. You must dig deep or just acquire help to make the perfect funeral speech

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