My experience with Free Fake Doctors Notes….

Here’s my experience with free doctors note slip. Not only do they look completely unrealistic, but they’re easily back-traceable. I was just busted by my work for using a free, fake note to take a sick day off of work. I’m still waiting for some sort of punishment and it’s possibly the most stressed out I’ve ever been in my entire life.

Unfortunately I can’t afford a real doctor at this point in my life to get a note that excuses me from work and an unneeded diagnosis so I can take an afternoon off to rest. So I did the only thing I could do in that position: I used a fake doctor’s note. I’ve heard from plenty of my friends that they work for them any time they need to take a day off of work due to illness. They just forgot to mention that they bought unique, untraceable ones online instead of using crummy, free ones.

If I had known that they we’re using fake notes they paid for I wouldn’t be in the mess I am right now. We even compared the employer doctors note template we used side by side recently, and I have to say that it’s no wonder I got caught. Not only does his fake doctors note look authentic, researched and crisp, but he’s used those specific note’s multiple times and has never been caught. Oh, did I mention we work at the same place? So it’s not like his bosses are any less observant than mine.

If I could go back I would undoubtedly buy a few of those fake notes that he has stashed away. For fractions of what it would cost to see a real doctor, it’s well worth it. Those notes could have easily saved my job and maybe my career. At this point I still don’t know what’s going to happen to me, but I know it wont be pretty.

I hope at least one person takes my story and learns a valuable lesson from it. I wouldn’t wish this amount of unnecessary stress and anxiety on my worst enemy. So please, if you’re going to use a fake note, don’t use an unprofessional free one.

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