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Fake Dr.’s Note Story

Remember the days when you were a kid and only dreamed of being able to somehow fake a doctors note so that you could play hooky from school? Well, those days are over considering you can now purchase a fake Dr’s note on a multitude of different websites on the internet. Who would of thought we would eventually live in a world where excuses can be purchased? It’s crazy to think about a time when we had to make a trip to the doctors office for a legitimate illness in order to get the day off.

It’s proven that as humans we need time away from work and school to keep our mental sanity. But who really has time to wait for that 1 week of paid vacation to build up at a new employer? All the resources you need for freedom are a few bucks and an internet browser. Some of the websites are so simple you can just download your own fake doctors note template and print it out. Certain websites even create a fake signature for you, no forging needed!

However, work and school aren’t the only cases where you may need a free doctors note work. In the event that you look pregnant, sick, etc. airlines may require a doctors note for you to travel with them. Many people may not have the time or resources to schedule a checkup just for the event of flying. As you now know, there is an easy resolution to this problem that is located at your fingertips.

Like most things in life, it’s important to not take this new found knowledge over board. Just remember that your job is important, not as important as your mental sanity, but close. Don’t abuse your new powers and make yourself look like a slacker. After all, moderation is the key to life, right?

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